Platform: OpenGL ES / iOS

Client: Personal

Category: Utility tool

Description: Version 1.3

Static 3D models are very rich objects usually comprised of geometry, textures, and materials. The Wavefront OBJ file is a widely used open-format specification for representing 3D models, which can be accompanied by an MTL file. The OBJ file contains information pertaining to the model’s geometry (e.g. vertices, normals, texture coordinates) while the MTL file contains information about the model’s material characteristics (e.g. ambient, diffuse, specular components). With the increased graphics capabilities of modern smartphones, more and more mobile applications are using rich models for gaming, visualization, UI, etc. Usually, these models only contain geometry, textures, and a single uniform material or use specialized and complex file formats such as PowerVR’s POD. mtl2opengl was written as an easy and open way of porting highly detailed desktop 3D models onto iOS devices running OpenGL ES, translating as much information as possible about their nature.